Pete Fowler

self portrait sept 14.jpeg

We have been joined at the brewery by the monster creator himself Mr Pete Fowler! Best known for working with Super Furry Animals, his absorbing world of Monsterism and his music moniker Seahawks. 

His workshop is a short walk from the brewery and it’s a beautifully chaotic organisation of physical, sonic and colour explosions that fill the room where we sit and discuss tweaks and next steps of his new designs for the brewery. 

The sheer volume of his work that fill the walls and collections of retro toys spark all the memories we have of being at SFA gigs and sitting in our teenage bedrooms looking though the latest album artwork. Our shared passion for music is heavily fuelled with his collaborations with Nervous Squirrel and Soulsby, and his extensive record collection and music knowledge, must be seen to be believed!

I don’t think I’ve met anyone so driven to be constantly creating. We always stumble in to his room where his latest lino prints are drying on a washing line or trail of sawdust scattered across the floor from his latest endeavour into wood carving or his music production station growing with a new piece of machinery. 

The whole process of the new branding has been a collaboration between Pete, our long term designers Egelnick Associates and the team at Hackney. A giant bubbling pot of ideas that is spooned out into bitesize portions that paint a superb overall direction to the visualisation of the beers we produce and the feeling of the brewery. 

2. Push Eject Square.jpg
6. Stooge Square.jpg

We hope you are caught up in the new designs as much as we are and enjoy the journey we are taking with Pete. Expect to see a lot more coming soon…


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