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Developing new bigger bolder flavours has been the driving force behind the beer revolution. Morph takes the hop focus, a 5% hop forward pale that shows off the potential of new varieties from hop growing programs. It is also a chance to be creative with special blends of popular hop varieties that we don’t get the chance to use in our core beers.

In the past, hops were grown for their high alpha acid content so breweries could cut down costs of bittering their beers, flavour from the hops was secondary and expensive for them. 

But because we aren’t in the business to make bland beer we want big citrus, floral, tropical, dank, spicy, piney, earthy, herbal characteristics from the hops, the independent brewing industry has opened the hop growers and create demand of juicy, big hitting, oil rich varieties that transform beer into complex and diverse creatures. 

We have managed to get our hands on some great new experimental hops like HBC 472 and HBC 431 that we are very excited to use. As well as bold varieties like Mosaic, Simcoe, Summit. New European varieties on the market like Lemondrop, Mandarina Bavaria, Huell Melon. Also, up and coming US varieties like Loral, Cashmere, Azacca. 

We have a huge assortment of types that we can use to create new and delicious beers. This means Morph will keep evolving and maintain a finger on the beating pulse of hop developments. 

Our first release will be a blend of Mosaic and Azacca.
We hope you enjoy it as much as we do and keep an eye out for the next release!