You might have seen our new cans about in the wild over the past couple of weeks.  We've wanted to release our beer in cans for years, but we needed to make sure it was up to the high standards we've come to expect from progressive brewers.  The combination of our new brewhouse, our fully controllable fermenters, a lab facility for consistency and quality and Pete Fowler's superb artwork means that we're now in total control of the beer and how it looks.


My dad told me we were mad for wanting to put our beer in cans but things have changed a lot since his day.  Advances in canning technology mean that it's possibly the best way to get brewery fresh beer to our customers exactly the way we want you to enjoy it.  Cans are hermetically sealed which stops light and oxygen getting to the beer, which helps maintain hop flavour and aroma - perfect for our hop forward KAPOW! and PUSH EJECT.  We don't filter or pasteurise our cans which means more flavour and it’s also suitable for vegans.

So surely, it’s better beer from a can? You can get your hands on them online from Honest Brew or good bottle shops in London including Clapton Craft, and decide for yourself.

Drink Fresh!