Guess Who's Back...?


It’s been almost exactly a year since we introduced our Peach and Basil sour into the world. Which means, it’s almost ready to roll again!

From the April Sour “Stooge Project” of 2017, we produced three sour beers. One was dry hopped with Waimea, one was transformed into a gose with fresh coriander seeds and top quality Essex sea salt and lastly, we matured one on peaches and “dry-hopped” with basil.

After the demand that we had for the Peach and Basil version we have decided to brew a full batch, give it a name and some stunning Pete Fowler artwork.


Peach and Basil Sour

Sour, soft and peachy with a fresh basil aftertaste, that adds depth to the bright sour bite and soft fresh nature of the peaches.

We will be holding our Peachy Party at Bottle Shop in Bermondsey on Friday the 20th April. We hope you’ll come and enjoy some with us!

Jon (and Bruce)


P.S. If you can’t make it down to enjoy a beer with us, you can find it online at HonestBrew.