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NE Table Beer
Stats: 3.5% ABV. 30 IBU. 20 EBC. OG 1.035.
Hops: Citra, Mandarina Bavaria.
Malt: Best Pale, Naked Golden Oats, Wheat.
Format: Keg, Can.
Vegan: Yes.
Tasting notes: Hazy, Citrus, Tropical.



Pinball was brewed especially for our 7th birthday. Influenced by the Pinball Number Count by the Pointer Sisters and the animation that we remember from growing up. It's a delicious juicy number, perfect for the current heatwave! Brewed with Mandarina Bavaria and Citra, accentuated with the use of New England yeast and a healthy dose of wheat and oats, results in big flavour for such a low abv. 

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We also want to say a big thank you to everyone who came to our annual open day and launch of Pinball. Here are some of the highlights from the day...

We hope you'll join us again next year!

Jon (and Bruce)