Yes, that is an out of the ordinary use of a pun for me, but it only comes around once a year and it’s here again! It’s our 6th birthday this month and as usual we swing open the gates like the opening of Jurassic Park and let everyone in to devour our selection of beers and eat some burgers from our friends at The Horsebox Diner. 

This is where Pete and I get to feel like the queen, as we now get to have two birthdays! It started life as a small thank you gathering for all our friends and family who helped us get going and has now become an annual event where we get a chance to say thank you to everyone who have supported us over the year, show off our range, let people explore the brewery and make new friends!

It’s a chance get a personal tour around the brewery and chat to our brewers, try hidden gems from the cellar and cheers to another year of great beers! We don’t have space to set up a permanent tap room so we clear out the second arch and make it comfortable for everyone to relax and enjoy our various styles and have a look at what we are up to.


This year we will be launching a one-off Double Eject especially for our birthday. An IIPA or DIPA, yes, they are all the rage these days, if you haven’t heard! This beer has the biggest quantity of hops per litre that we have produce ever! Mosaic, Mandarina Bavaria and Equinox being dry hopped at a total of 32g/L. At 8.5% abv this is a hop monster! But is a deceptively easy drinker, so take it easy!

We look forward to seeing you here!


More information about the event can be found here: