Founded in 2011 by Peter Hills and Jon Swain we're based in a couple of railway arches in Hackney. Our current brew house was installed in 2016 and is a bespoke build designed by Jon, Pete and our Head Brewer, Darren. We currently have ten 2500 litre fermenting vessels with temperature and pressure control enabling perfect management of the fermenting process. 2016 also saw the installation of laboratory facilities. Every batch or beer is tested for alcohol content, bitterness and carbonation levels ensuring consistency and quality across our range.



Our Team


JON (& BRUCE)  Director



PETE (& GRUFF)  Director



DAN  Sales Manager


Sales Manager

KRIS  Sales Manager


Sales Manager

RICARDO  Sales Manager


Sales Manager



Our sustainability Policy


We believe it is our responsibility to limit our impact on the environment, so we do as much as we can throughout each stage of brewing.

All the energy powering the brewhouse, warehouse and office is from renewable sources; windmills, hydroelectric and solar and we try to use energy in the most efficient way we can. A couple of examples are the counter flow plate heat exchange unit and our nitrogen reclaim system.

The nitrogen reclaim system reduces the use of CO2 as a transfer gas by pulling nitrogen from the air which we use to transfer beer under pressure from tank to tank. The plate heat exchange unit absorbs heat when cooling wort which gets sent to the hot liquor tank. This reclaimed heat saves us time and energy in heating up the liquor ready for the next brew. Also during the transfer, we capture any excess water in tanks that we then use that to clean the brewery as not to waste water.


We are members of the Living Wage Foundation. All our employees earn the London Living Wage as a minimum and we develop the team staff through ongoing training - all our brewing team are put through the IBD general certificate in brewing and encouraged to progress further with the diploma.

We trace all our ingredients back to the source, using UK malt and hops, as well as the best ingredients from the United States, New Zealand and Europe. All the waste grain and hops are sent to local farms and are used as feed.

Packaging is one of the main culprits in brewery waste, we use as much recycled plastic as we can, we have recycling bins for cardboard and other packaging from ingredients. All the plastic tubs we use from regular suppliers are sent back and reused. We are now producing our core small pack in cans keeping bottles for very special releases and even they are recycled glass. Also paper in the office is recycled paper, right down to our business cards! 

We work with Hackney based charities throughout the year and support local events to help ensure our area remains a thriving community we are so proud to a part of. We do what we can so you can rest assured you will be drinking responsibly!